Hello world!

Preparing for the Camino is not just arranging flight tickets, getting useful shoes, USB-Charger etc – it’s also about brushing up the Social Precense. And there is a lot of do in this area for me! Walking the Camino is about weight, whatever you bring you have to carry with you for 800 KM! So bringing a Laptop is perhaps not prio #1. Therefore I will try to be as mobile as possible – and that’s not easy for an old fart as me. Typewriters and keyboards I like! One finger mobile writing is however not my cup of tea! But let’s see – i’ll start with this page on my computer and hopefully the other posts will be through my tablet or phone!

Talking about phones and modern technology, while brushing up my physics I stumble upon this classic phonebox. Can still remember putting in all the coins needed to make a call, and most of them just got lost ….