Day 20 – Porto – Big City, High Tempo

The last 25 km walk into Porto is quite a suburban experience, lots of small communities of houses. We got away early in the morning but there where street lights more or less the whole way! Some interesting portals where spotted, most of the information is in Portugues but we think this has been a part of a school.

We tried to prepare for Porto by getting up early, but that’s not enough. Porto is such a big City and it looks beautiful. The bridge is a bit scary, good winds and low fences – don’t look down! As every big city, Porto seems to have their share of Scamming and we saw the most classical ones here!

The Cathedral and it’s stamp in the pilgrim passport is a must, but it’s also a fine church and monastery. It’s absolutely inspirational thinking about home renovation!

Is justice blind? I got feeling that it’s blindfolded in Sweden but definitely not here in Portugal. What does it mean? Should justice not only be based on rules, should there also be some intelligent but subjective part based on what you actually see? Or is it so that justice never is blind and isn’t it better to show how it actually is rather than some fake idealistic picture?

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Day 19 – Santa Maria da Feira – Preparing for Porto

It’s Friday the 13th and we are heading for Porto. There is much of suburban walking, houses, shopping centres and roads. And you see plenty of fine statues and other fun things.

As suede I love sitting outside to eat or have a drink, that’s not something that is especially common here. Most people are sitting inside and it doesn’t matter if it’s a bit dark outside inside either! So, sitting outside you could be placed wherever strange places…

Lessons learned today. Not knowing the verbal language we have to observe the body language of people much more. Today we had the time, after the walk, to study a waitress in a small cheap coffee shop where we had a light dinner. Plenty of people coming and going. But from her body language we guess that she really hated here work! Of course there is no point in talking, smiling etc to us, but it was the same with all customers! Again, we don’t mind, but we really felt sorry for her, cannot be nice to work with people if you just think that life is awful! Or could it be so that we have changed? And do we behave like that at home in our daily life, not being able to enjoy life walking the camino?

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Day 18 – Oliveira de Azemeis – Scarecrows

Thursday the 11th of July. Despite getting up early we faced another very hot day and a hard uphill walk to the city. I think it’s so similar to climb a mountain, you have to go meter by meter. You can feel your hart pounding, the sweet pouring down your face and body! What’s wrong with building cities in the valley? I’m not lying when saying that doing a small mistake and you are lost!

Well, after tons of water, soda and some sleep it’s time to look at the city. And Oliviera is a fine city with a speciality;

In sunlight it’s nice and fine, but what about the dark evenings and nights? Could be a bit scary, especially since they are all over the city! Absolutely material for a good horror story.

What’s the history behind these? Well my impression is that these parts of Portugal isn’t so tourist or communication/market oriented so it is hard to find out for a stranger in the city.

My passion for large abandoned houses is also fulfilled – looks fine on picture but in reality it looks like a place where you could find Count Dracula if you just dare to look!

One of the most memorable moments of today was the haircut at this very classical place run by two men in my age. Without any verbally understanding, I got one of the best and thorough haircuts in my life! The hairdresser (barber) did such a good job fixing hair, eyebrows, ears and nose!! Of course he could have got away with whatever rotten job, how should I be able to complain? But not! A true pro! And again no special advertising or commercial promotion or fancy place – just a good honest place to get a good haircut! Simple and straightforward! Sometimes that’s how life should be and sometimes, (so life doesn’t get too boring) a bit more challenging like walking straight uphill in 35 degrees for a couple of kilometres!

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Day 17 – Albergaria-a-Velha – Days of Walking

It’s Wednesday the 10 of July and we are some where in Portugal, soon to reach Porto (at least this is what the app tells us). But we are not there yet!

Walking the Camino is much about walking and walking in so many aspects. Isn’t it boring to walk so much and thinking about walking? It’s not much of “high tech” walking, so how interesting can it be? Well, that’s the point – it’s not; it’s like a brain reset or meditation (I guess). But why not then just walk in circles at home? I don’t know, but it’s perhaps about all these subconscious perceptions you get walking and seeing everything in detail.

So for example Pine nuts, when I hear that word I think about these small plastic bags you buy them in, that they are stored in our refrigerator at home and my wife yelling at me not to eat them right off because she needs them for some dish. But now I also will think about the trees where they are supposed to come from. They are enormously beautiful – we don’t have them at home!

Oranges, I have seen the trees in Florida. But here they are growing in many different places, almost as weeds and I still have a picture in my head of oranges just laying in the streets!

Then, not to mention all the pictures I have now in my head regarding houses! I must admit, I got some new hang up regarding them. Especially these old, big and a bit wear down ones. They are so fascinating!! Well I will surely be back about them, my phone is full of them – and they are all so beautiful! Just looking at them and past times is brought back again! Times when cars where rare, if existing at all, and people walking, saying hello to each other’s instead of driving alone and in silence in cages of steel!

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Day 16 – Águeda – City of Colours

I’m starting to lose track of weekdays, but it should be Tuesday the 9th today. Today’s walk was flat and fine – but hot! It’s amazing how fast it’s getting hot after 10.30 , so you have to move fast during the morning!

The City of Águeda was such a nice surprise;

There are colours everywhere and it’s a bit hard to describe it through a photo – there are so many dimensions removed when documented in a photo!

Águeda seems to be quite a authentic city without so much mass-tourist influences. So we ended the evening having a glass of Port wine at a very local bar. And the photo looks awful, cars & people all around us. But that’s how it is and it’s a not problem; you are there in middle of the daily life – and then it’s ok! Perhaps we are always in middle of our lives, however quite unaware of it. If that’s the case then a small glass of a white Port, a chair and a few hours just looking around could help us realising that life is something we experience not haunt down!

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