Day 31 – Redondela – The right way

Wednesday the 24 of July, we have been on the run or more correct on the slow walk for almost a month, and still not in Santiago … but we are getting closer!

We have mostly been walking uphill in a beautiful landscape! Galicia gives us such alp-feelings! And the morning mist is so refreshing however quite short.

What has been a bit confusing with today’s walk is the directions. Quite often it’s straightforward, but today it has been the opposite, arrows pointing in completely different directions. And we, who always follow directions, get confused. As in life in general, when the given path changes or become quite unclear; what to do then? Our solution walking the Camino is to start looking for the bigger picture, how does the change relate to that picture? Walking the Camino the next end destination is the bigger picture, in life it could be a bit more complex – however I’m sure there is always a bigger picture to be found!

Redondela as city has quite an interesting solution for trains! They have put the railroad above the ground! Suddenly you hear a terrible noise but you don’t see anything unless you look up in the sky! What a out-of-the-box solution!

Anything else to say? Well there are a lot of fine statues here …

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Day 30 – Porriño – Bonnie Tyler

Tuesday the 23 of June, another fine walk to Porriño! The last 100 km is the most popular part of the Camino and I can understand why – flat walking and many parts in the shadow.

Arriving at the city we spotted following poster;

Don’t want to be rude or “aggressive”, however if people in restaurants don’t understand words like “ice tea” or fries (“French fries”) my conclusion is that knowledge in English is very limited. So how the heck will people understand a word of what Bonnie will sing about? Or will she be dubbed? The first single I bought was a Bonnie single so I like her, but people here must absolutely adore her even though I doubt if they will understand a single word!

Porriño seems to be quite a fine city with a traditional siesta! So we had to wait as everyone else until the evening before we could have a look at shops etc.

And the shops are quite interesting, looks like the Porriño version of “Victoria Secret” also combine it with selling of religious candles and other items. Interesting combination, sin and forgiveness in one place – quite convenient I may say! What about dentist & candy store?

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Day 29 – Tui – Another Day Off

Monday 22 of July and we have had a day off. What’s the best you can do then? Go shopping in a clean, cool supermarket without smelling too much Camino. So nice! Of course you can’t buy anything unless you can eat it otherwise you have to carry it with you … and every gram is a pain to avoid!

And we drank the wine we bought for 1.1€. Now I fully understand the meaning with the expression; you get what you pay for! In our case we got both wine and vinegar, mostly vinegar I may say!

Visiting the Cathedral here in Tui we learned what will happen to us sinners, drinking wine and not walking! It seems to be almost as hot as the place where we are sleeping!

Lessons learned today? Well, caught my wife in deep praying – smart move as long as no one sits in front of you. Well that’s as much as I learned today even my brain and mind seem to have a day off (or two).

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Day 28 – Tui – Entering Spain

It’s Sunday the 21th of July and we have finally reached Spain!! How do we now that; shops are closed on Sundays, prices are higher and Restaurants opens first at midnight 😉 Well it’s not that bad but Spain is different and it’s of course the land of KAS and full of fine jamon – I like!!! So we are happy! And for Portugués people; Lots of Candy!

There is a quite small ordinary grocery shop open on Sundays – and there were millions of people from Portugal there buying Candy in huge sacks. At least 20 big busses where parked outside and everyone bought tons of candy! Very fun and interesting! For an old swede it really felt like when the Tax-free shops on the Finish-Ferris opened. You could see and feel the joy in the eyes of the Portugués; Candy, Super Saving, Candy, Buy, Buy! As swede I skipped the Candy and bought a good bottle of wine for only 1.1€, well the “goodiest” was perhaps the price!

The walking to Tui was fine, straightforward, not much uphill, many fine places to stop for water and coffee…and very good info about the distance. Not to mention cows, the one above was escorting us a god bit along the Camino!

We haven’t seen so much if Tui. Hope we will discover more, cause we are staying a day extra here!

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Day 27 – Casco – A Camino Day

Saturday 20 of July. This part of the Camino Portugués is, according to books, the most uphill part. And it’s very true. Therefore an early start in the morning is a must to avoid most of the heat. The challenge is that no coffee shops are open!

The only ones awake are the dogs and cats. But this morning we caught some cats having a good sleep; a big yawn!

So after about 7-8 km (around 2 hours), our mountain climbing started. It’s hard to describe and hard to illustrate with a photo but it was quite a steep walking.

This day we where very lucky finding a fine mobile bar in the mountains. Clean and good food! So lucky!

Then quite soon after the climb up we climbed down and found our place to stay. And this place had a very nice balcony

Quite a rural area, isn’t it? But the landlady was very, very helpful and drove us back and forth to a local supermarket so we got something to drink and eat for lunch. Perhaps the word supermarket is a bit ambitious, but at least it had the essential things. And it was the same procedure for dinner. We are quite “early eaters” so in the beginning we where quite alone!

Then in the evening having a last glass enjoying the view from our room!

Summarising the day, we are very grateful to our landlady and her helping us getting back and forth to the Village. Without her it would have been quite horrible. Again the Camino has showed how important it is to think outside your own bubble and how much just a little help could affect life!

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