Day 2 – Lisbon – Floating around in the city

Another Camino step taken; the Compostela Passport acquired at the starting point; Lisbon Cathedral! However this year we bought a nice protection for it – made by cork. It looks so nice, doesn’t it?

Didn’t have any idea what to expect from Lisbon so we have just been floating around. A nice street, lots of people moving and we move along with them. Perhaps as life itself should be sometimes, calm down and let’s see what’s happen. Sorry to say I’m not so good at it at home slaving in the trenches, but as soon there is some fine weather and good wine I improve;

The morrow morning it’s time to take the first steps, just fooling around in the city rendered about 16,917 steps – but tomorrow it’s for real…

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Day 1 – Lisbon – We have arrived

Finally and at last we have arrived at a sunny Lisbon. And it’s not without any nervousness, I’m stilled worried a bit about the preparation. But what could go wrong? Well, luggage for example! This year I was last man standing without any luggage when arriving at the airport… Until my wife, who already got her luggage, spotted a sign telling that special luggage may be find at a complete other place in the building. And there it was

So what did I bring that could scare children away? I don’t know but obviously this is a very scary sack!

Lisbon seems to be a very find town – and I think I got one of the “must take pictures” of the city (and I’m not talking about my wife..). There is something special with these houses In the background, I think, but I can’t remember what it was…

It’s a bit late already, but let’s see if we can find some nice fado places….

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T-1, Stockholm, Time for Prioritization

Time has passed so quickly, much, much faster than last year, so tomorrow is time for take off!! And know it’s time to do the packing, but also prioritize what to bring with me. All these choices. Some are quite easy – coke or washing powder?

Flux or Fingers?

It’s an easy choice; who want’s to smell like a soap opera when it’s burning hot outside who can resist a cold code an a fine finger – carrying the fridge could be a bit of a challenge, but everything comes with a price. However then there are choices that aren’t that simple. For example; flute or “korkskruv” as we say in Sweden – that’s not an easy one.

So packing for the Camino is like life itself and all the choices that have to be done. Some you do just to live the life as a soap opera but some you should just do because it’s just so enjoyable (and making the fortune of your dentist)!

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T -9, Stockholm -Stand the heat

Time is passing very quickly and soon we are reaching panic mode; are we enough prepared, have we walked enough? Last question is easily answered; Absolutely Not! I’m still having babyfeet and I can feel all my toes! Lack at least 300 km of training to harden my feet … panic….

The secret weapon for this year is my new hat! Took at least 30 pictures to get one were I don’t look like a complete idiot with it. Or did I fail in this one too?? However, it’s quite nice giving a lot of shadow, so I hope it could compensate for a bit of my laziness this year. I’m not sure in what way. Trusting that my new hat will help me stand the heat is perhaps as smart as hoping to improve the organisation buying a new IT-system after completely failing to use and implement the old one …. Let’s see in a couple of weeks I will know how clever I have been 😉

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T-14, Stockholm – Here We Go Again…

Summer is Comming … time to brush up the webpage, check the map and start to do some serious planning since we are heading for Season II … this time influenced by Portugal!

Not accessing the website for almost a year I had to refresh and reload all the WordPress Plugins – and suddenly my webpage was hijacked, rerouted and had started a new carrier in the Porn business!! Ooops, panic, panic … I may be able to perform a Camino for 40 days however performing in the adult business for 40 continuous days is far beyond my capacity. After a long support call, considering reformatting the database, rebuilding internet and restarting earth, my webpage has hopefully returned to the less glamorous but long-lasting Camino Business!

So, what to say about the preparations for this year’s adventure?? Well, to be honest; much talking and less walking, so I will pay for that later; in sweat and swollen feet, not mention the knees and my back. Oh dear! But at least we have prepared for the mosquitos or should I say my wife has brought in the heavy artillery; Mygga! She is sweet and delicious and a favorite amongst the little bastards, I’m just old and grumpy and therefore not their first choice – but I’m happy for that!

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