Day 36 – Santiago – Absolutely there!

Monday 29 of July – we reached Santiago! A trip taking approximately about 5 hours and 14 minutes by car, kept us busy for 36 days!

It has been a wonderful trip! We both loved Camino Frances and wanted to do something similar but different! And different it has been!! In a way it has been very close to daily life; no one before Porto offered Pilgrim menus or understood the concept of pilgrim passports and “stamping”! Or guidance in English!! That changed after Tui!

And I didn’t understood about scarecrows- but they seems to be very useful and appears in many situations!

The Camino is still a bit too fresh to me and to be able to analyse it more detail, more time is needed! But I could say one thing; it’s a trip/travel in many dimensions and it creates memories for life!

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Day 35 – Padrón – Almost there

It’s Sunday the 28th of July and it’s the last stop before reaching Santiago. The walk was quite flat but a bit cold, tone of the negative consequences of getting up early!

Another one is that no coffee places are open, especially if it’s Sunday! Sometimes you even do a short detour, just to find the cafe closed!

We where quite lucky, arriving to Padrón a huge market was going on. So much people and action. Unluckily, you can’t buy anything since everything has to be carried!

It’s also the town where the Apostle was brought to and therefore they still have the pole where the boat carrying the Apostle was tied to!!

The pole can be bought separately too in the tourist shops!

Well, tomorrow is the last day with the yellow arrows! It’s a strange feeling, will it already be over? It was just a few days ago since we started!

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Day 34 – Caldas de Reis – Rainwalk

Saturday 27 of July. Today we walked every single kilometre in quite heavy rain! We have experienced rain before but not for such a long time and so persistent!

The first hours are quite fine in rain and you walk much faster in rain than in sun, But the challenge walking five, six hours in rain is that you in the end get wet, soaking wet! And your shoes become small swimming pools where your feet slowly are drowning! Not even a cat would like to be out!

It’s like life itself – it’s easy to get caught in the rain, you stand it for a while but sooner or later it will get you!

So what’s the solution. Well, perhaps you have to walk one or two Caminos before you find it out – at least I hope so!

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Day 33 – Pontevedra – Checking the City

A very peaceful Friday. Sometimes it’s just enough to do nothing – and today has been just such a day strolling around in the city and looking at all the fine things.

And Pontevedra is a very nice and big city, plenty of shops and plenty to see!

Of course a lots of fine churches!

But also some supermarkets with so much to choose between! It’s perhaps not the most cultural activity, but there are new things to see and learn. For example expresso coffee – in Sweden it is only available in special shops, here it’s available in the standard supermarket! It’s not a very big deal – but it brings up the question; why so? Who benefits from it? Would be cool to see this selection in Sweden!

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Day 32 – Pontevedra – A short break

It’s Thursday the 25, Saint James day, which means public holiday and almost everything is closed. Since Pontevedra is such a nice city we will therefore stay one more day to check out the city.

The weather has been quite strange both hot and rainy, typically Galicien weather. And the walking has been very beautiful, walking in fine small villages.

The pilgrim presence is also very high and there are a lot of pilgrim “creations” along they way. Don’t know the purpose of them but there are lots to find out studying them.

As mention, lots of fine things here and we do hope for an interesting day tomorrow!

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