Day 40 – Santiago de Compostela – We are there

Yesterday we decided to do a pre celebration, having a bit more fancy dinner than usually and with ice cream

Well, after almost 40 days on a kind of strict diet a full blown dinner generates its issues! So this day started a bit later – but no problems about that! You could feel the energy already in the early morning and tons of pilgrims where there on their move. Even today it was important to get the stamps right and here at Emerita San Marcos we got our last. Normally an Emerita is such an abandoned place, but here a lot of things is happening.

Then getting closer to Santiago the pilgrim image got much mire intense. Here is “the hall of fame” regarding pilgrims. On top “Heliga Birgitta” of Sweden and almost in the bottom, the guy with the chickens!

And then after a crazy rush through the city we reached the church and the target for our thoughts the last six months…

The red line that we have been followed so carefully stopped! No more guidance, no more clear and specific instructions what to do!

It has been a marvellous experience. Things that we only guessed has been cleared out! For so many weeks it has only been here and now, knowing that the only way to go is the way forward – no idea to look back. Of course we long to get home, to see our kids that we love beyond everything else! And of course this travel needs to end – but it will absolutely bee there as part of our common memories. As this one, from our hotel window looking at “Camino school students” making dinner at nine a clock in the evening. So nice to see them preparing dinner for each other (of course fully unaware of the concept of hygiene, but that’s just good for your immune system). This and so much other things we have found during our walking and again, somewhere the memories will always be with us as it was today!

Day 39 – O Pedrouzo – The Day before the Last Day

“The day before the last day” doesn’t it sounds a bit dramatic? And yes, we are now able to see an ending of the walking, of course with mixed emotions. A walk where we have seen much roads but also been give a lot of messages. So what has people tried to say us?

First we have the names or single words created by stones. Shows that there are plenty of stones and people having time… it’s not an bad idea, many pilgrims like us have been quite busy jus walking.

Then we have the ones that are a bit longer and more meaningful.

The we have the very long ones ….

And finally as of today’s walk, a long string with text; “the wall of wisdom” having some deeper message.

Then we have all the signs and statues – many of them we have seen early mornings. It’s perhaps the best time of the day to see a statue, interference from traffic or other people is minimal.

So, what did they all tried to say us? That’s a hard question to answer, a simple answer is that there is no simple answer. But what’s the next level of understanding? Perhaps it’s something that is hard to put into words. Well to cut it short, my favourite sign is this one, and it could be saying; “Life’s a bitch always ready to give you a wedgie – but don’t resist challenge it!”

Day 38 – Arzúa – Moving forward

Today’s walk of 29,5 km went quite fine – starting at five in the morning you do the first 10 km quite fast. Then you are so happy that you have done almost “half” of the walking, so the rest is manageable and you are moving forward with the yellow arrows.

As mentioned before I’m after all these days still quite puzzled about the house market. In every town regardless of the size there a so many objects, today’s catch of today …

Who is going to buy them all?

Otherwise life is refreshing calm and structured. We know that business is closed between 14/14.30 and the 18ish, we know to avoid the 10€ pilgrim menus offered by restaurants (since it’s often truly and unbelievable bad food). So if we just had to walk a mile every day, I could easily continue this life!

Day 37 – Palas de Rei – let’s get this over with!?!?

Walking for more than ten(?) consecutive days we are not so thrilled any more about the walk of the day, to put it mildly. One could expect that pain should be gone long time ago, but the good things of being 55+ is that things tends to last longer 😉

Enough complaining! During today’s walking I got a bit interested in the properties people try to sell. It’s a lot of objects with potential, perhaps too much potential! Or is it that someone just hope that a dumb ass swede will fall in love with it and buy something that has been on their get-rid-off-list the last twenty years? The one at bottom right could be nice as your own “game of thrones” house, or… So perhaps it works!

Other interesting things we see a lot of are cows. Looks like people are having about 8 to 10 of them and from time to time they take them out for a walk together with their dogs. That’s a good, concrete task to do!

How about the answers and great wisdom that should be gotten while walking? Eh – haven’t got or found anything big yet! Perhaps I should just sit still somewhere and wait and the answers will come running towards me!

Day 36 – Portomarin – Walking with groups

We are accompanied with hundreds of pilgrims mainly school classes and scouts. They are all quite heavily dressed in their uniforms and behave well. Of course some kind of pilgrim congestion happens when the decide to stop and other pilgrims run into them. It’s a bit strange to put up the phone to take a picture of it, but this is my best try so far however not at all the worst traffic jam situation.

The weather is quite fine, bright but cold and no rain. But in the afternoon arriving to the destination it can still be a bit challenging due to the sun and temperature. Portomarín is located on a hill so the last km was a bit of a hill climbing!