Day 3 – Zubiri – walking on stones!

Woke up this morning with rain, so we made the decision to start late. And yes, the rain disappeared after some hours and the sun started to shine. After 15 km, walking in fully sunshine we agreed that the decision was not so smart! But the first hours was so beautiful, the small village of Burguete is such a lovely place. I’m happy that we have pre booked our stay otherwise we would have stayed at all these nice places! However doing the Camino one or two kilometres a day would take an awful lot of time.

The most odd experience of today was at this fine business below. It looked totally closed down, but the door was open. No lights and in the darkness I found some ice cream and after a while also (what I hope was), the shop owner! So we managed to pay and also get a stamp in our pilgrim-passport!

After a long walk down on stones and rocks our knees and feet’s where more than hurting – therefore it’s so nice be able to stay at a place like pension Amets. Not just only a private shower but also good internet! Feel quite guilty – this is more a pilgrimish experience than a pure one, where you sleep under a tree and feast on the roadkill of today!

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