Day 25 – León – A Spanish City

As mentioned before I regret not doing a crash course in Spanish before starting the Camino. León is quite a big city and has a very fine museum with paintings, sculptures etc but every description, explanation in Spanish not even the exit signs are in English. So now I have seen a lot of which I don’t know nothing

We should of course understood that Claustro in the sign at the entrance has something to do with claustrophobia. There was not so many visitors, you where not allowed to take photos and there was a Spanish lady opening each room for you, then locking it and then after a while unlocking it and let you out! Very strange – happily for us we don’t suffer from Claustro and they had a lot of cameras so I don’t think the forget to let people out, but you never know!

But it’s not hopeless, did see this place, here it should absolutely be possible to have a talk in English.

This day has otherwise been a day of rest and resting we have! Went to a very nice jamon Bar, for each beer you order you got a ham tapas automatically. Didn’t understood that first so being a bit thirsty I got to eat a lot of tapas. You know – if you don’t eat you tapas you can’t have any beer! But I’m happy about that since it was so very good and tasteful tapas.

The only thing is that you get a little bit tired eating so many tapas so it’s soon bedtime!

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