Day 21 – Ledigos – Arriving at a small town

The idea behind the walking is to proceed, meter by meter and town by town. Between the towns there is an awful lot of meters, but finally you see the light in the tunnel. The small towns are spotted by their church but could be hidden away, you don’t see them until there is a sharp left or right turn and there they are!

This part of the walking could be the hardest, you just want to get to your sleeping place – but normally there are some kilometres left.

Then you arrive to the outskirts and I may say that I have seen more impressive areas. Quite often it’s an industrial area or like this a bit old houses and you start to reconsider your selection of town, are we going to stay in such a house?

Since non Camino people aren’t out before nine in the evening the town looks totally abandoned.

Then you have to spot the hostel, here we find it at the right. And now you hope that it’s open – sometimes there is just a door bell and if unlucky you have to wait for some action.

After some smaller confusion you get in contact with the receptionist, in 85% of the cases it is a lady. Often very kind, cheerful and helpful but a few times, like in Burgos, so absolutely unengaged that you feel sorry for them. Having a name like Sten Söderberg is also just to ask for trouble – so I often have to help them browsing through their own paper based notes to follow nd this very strange name.

And then, you get to your room;

And as you can see they are often very nice and fine, especially in the smaller cities. At this moment you only focus on the bed and “drop dead” is quite a good description of what you do (together with your burning feet).

Part II – The afterlife

About five you wake up to see the town. It’s still a bit empty

The stork has moved out from the town

And the traffic jam is a bit absent

The good side is that it’s very peaceful and tranquil – in a way you feel part of a Checkov play. Well, we don’t expect Onkel Vanja to appear, but at least one car would be nice to see! But if not today, then tomorrow or some other day!

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