All things Clear? – T-3

Assuming things are easy but perhaps not so useful. There are two things that I haven’t planned so well and i’m just assuming that there will be a solution for. So a day ago, the short trip from Biarritz to St-Jean and the longer trip back home from Compostela was “assumed”. However, how hard can it be?

I must admit that I mainly go to Airports like Paris, London and Stockholm and there you just pick a train or bus. So, when a colleague of mine asked me about the transportation from Biarritz, I realized that I was assuming more that knowing. And – oops, St-Jean is perhaps the biggest metropole in Europe so browsing the web it seems to be quite I limited options. Ouch – after some nervous hours I managed to get a ride with , do hope that this was not a misstake. Starting the Camino with a 50 km walk just to get to start is a little bit too much even though I’m eager to start walking.

In the 80’s things where flashing blue – well, today we are a bit more digitalized, having an exact number of our situation. So I think two of four is at 100%, it’s just to get everything else in the same level!

And for all of you good folks that still can remember the radio nights with Eldorado I include a link to youtube and “Blinka blå!

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