T-14, Stockholm – Here We Go Again…

Summer is Comming … time to brush up the webpage, check the map and start to do some serious planning since we are heading for Season II … this time influenced by Portugal!

Not accessing the website for almost a year I had to refresh and reload all the WordPress Plugins – and suddenly my webpage was hijacked, rerouted and had started a new carrier in the Porn business!! Ooops, panic, panic … I may be able to perform a Camino for 40 days however performing in the adult business for 40 continuous days is far beyond my capacity. After a long support call, considering reformatting the database, rebuilding internet and restarting earth, my webpage has hopefully returned to the less glamorous but long-lasting Camino Business!

So, what to say about the preparations for this year’s adventure?? Well, to be honest; much talking and less walking, so I will pay for that later; in sweat and swollen feet, not mention the knees and my back. Oh dear! But at least we have prepared for the mosquitos or should I say my wife has brought in the heavy artillery; Mygga! She is sweet and delicious and a favorite amongst the little bastards, I’m just old and grumpy and therefore not their first choice – but I’m happy for that!

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