Day 20 – Porto – Big City, High Tempo

The last 25 km walk into Porto is quite a suburban experience, lots of small communities of houses. We got away early in the morning but there where street lights more or less the whole way! Some interesting portals where spotted, most of the information is in Portugues but we think this has been a part of a school.

We tried to prepare for Porto by getting up early, but that’s not enough. Porto is such a big City and it looks beautiful. The bridge is a bit scary, good winds and low fences – don’t look down! As every big city, Porto seems to have their share of Scamming and we saw the most classical ones here!

The Cathedral and it’s stamp in the pilgrim passport is a must, but it’s also a fine church and monastery. It’s absolutely inspirational thinking about home renovation!

Is justice blind? I got feeling that it’s blindfolded in Sweden but definitely not here in Portugal. What does it mean? Should justice not only be based on rules, should there also be some intelligent but subjective part based on what you actually see? Or is it so that justice never is blind and isn’t it better to show how it actually is rather than some fake idealistic picture?

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