Day 35 – Sarria – Stinging Nettles

Today’s walk from Triacastela to Sarria can be done in many ways, there are at least three alternatives. Two of them include the famous monastery of Samos and who wouldn’t like to see that? It’s just six km extra walking…

To see the Monastery from inside you have to take a guided tour only given in Spanish. That’s quite ok if you gonna see some action!

Of course we didn’t expect to see monks monkey around for money, but it was quite far from what we expected and not about a life in a monastery. However we behaved good and studied all the detailed pictures showing the last years renovation and tried to look deeply interested.

To see the monastery we had to pay with two extra hours of walking. And that went quite fine walking a bit unfamiliar roads until we met this guy …

I think he tries to figure out what the heck we are doing there … and so did we! To get back on trail I decided to do a special, very short shortcut through the forest, along a kind of road that only existed on the map but not longer in reality. And if you wonder what’s the benefit of having a more traditional pilgrim outfit like below compared to modern shorts, I can absolutely give you one. Stinging Nettles or should I say massively, strong, wild, beastly crazy Stinging Nettles!

The good part with shorts is that you get something that last for many hours, it lasts even after a good shower and it’s absolutely free!

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