Day 26 – Ponte de Lima – Wine Walking

I’m so lost regarding days nowadays, but it’s Friday 19 of July?! The nature is changing quite much and there is a sort of German Alps-feeling when walking, and there is a lot of wine stocks!

The walking is a quite nice, flat and quite many small bars where you can stop and say hello to the other Camino walkers.

Ponte de Lima looks like a very nice place. Lots of open space and nice houses – however quite hot (as usual). You quickly learn how to stick to the shadow places.

And of course many, many nice statues. Don’t know what has happened, besides my interest for old houses I’m getting quite fascinated about statues. They are all around us and I need to stop and look at every one of them!!!

And there are plenty of them …

Well hopefully the sun will go down and we can get out and learn about the town! There should be some more statues to explore!

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