Day 11 – Pussos – A real Life

Leaving Tomar was not an easy task. Would have been so nice to participate in the final party. But that’s Camino life, so back to the woods and hills. Uphill walking is a bit of a challenge and going up just to realise that you have to get down and up again is a bit frustrating sometimes. However we finally ended up in a super rural area and in a very, very fine place to stay.

The place we are staying at is run by two younger persons renovating the house and surroundings from scratch. And their two fine dogs are there as support, of course!

This is the place where time stands still and the only thing you can do and must do; is just “being”. We got our laundry washed and a very fine homemade dinner. And a very good and long conversation about everything and nothing,

We have been seeing so many of these houses before and now we got the chance to meet and talk to the people having a dream, a vision and capability of turning the tide. You get such a positive energy and you get so full of inspiration from these kind of people!

For us, going the Camino is a big adventure as such, however we should perhaps have a bolder plan. But what? The Camino gives us time to think things through perhaps we will find something out. Until then I’m just happy having a talk with the hens…

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