Day 9 – Tomar – Out of the woods

Nine days since we started from Lisbon, feels quite unrealistic; has time really passed so quickly? Looking at the map we have advanced quite a bit into Portugal.

However it’s just 1,5 hours drive with a car. And we have spent over 55 hours walking – but then, of course, we have seen everything very very close and have had time to think about all the things seen. “What happened here?”; is a question that occurs quite often in our discussion, especially seeing all the abandoned places. And there are lots of them. What happened with this bicycle repairman? We don’t know but we sure have all the time talking about it when walking step by step by step by step by step…

Today we reached Tomar and got a place with a kitchen of our own! Finally we could do some serious food shopping and for a suede it’s not that expensive!

21€ for a bottle of wine, a couple of sodas, meatballs, ice cream, crisps and much more. Oops doesn’t sound to healthy .. and the tomatoes were a fully unconscious decision; walking miles and miles along tomato fields we can’t think about anything else but tomatoes!

Well, you only look this happy the first miles … add 35 degrees sunshine … and you are not fully so happy to see endless miles of them and no shadow 😉

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