Day 39 – O Pedrouzo – The Day before the Last Day

“The day before the last day” doesn’t it sounds a bit dramatic? And yes, we are now able to see an ending of the walking, of course with mixed emotions. A walk where we have seen much roads but also been give a lot of messages. So what has people tried to say us?

First we have the names or single words created by stones. Shows that there are plenty of stones and people having time… it’s not an bad idea, many pilgrims like us have been quite busy jus walking.

Then we have the ones that are a bit longer and more meaningful.

The we have the very long ones ….

And finally as of today’s walk, a long string with text; “the wall of wisdom” having some deeper message.

Then we have all the signs and statues – many of them we have seen early mornings. It’s perhaps the best time of the day to see a statue, interference from traffic or other people is minimal.

So, what did they all tried to say us? That’s a hard question to answer, a simple answer is that there is no simple answer. But what’s the next level of understanding? Perhaps it’s something that is hard to put into words. Well to cut it short, my favourite sign is this one, and it could be saying; “Life’s a bitch always ready to give you a wedgie – but don’t resist challenge it!”

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