Day 8 – Golegã – Lessons Learned

After the catastrophical walking last time we agreed upon having a plan and the best plan I could come up with was perhaps to study the map a bit better. And so I did and at four in the morning we got up after doing the packing late evening before. However, there are always some things you have forgotten and time pass by. Delayed we started to move on;

But some cities are not meant for leaving, Santarém is one of them and we took every possible wrong way! Finally getting and on our way we faced another interesting change, water canons!

My knowledge in irrigation is limited, but I assume that most of the water should be sprinkled over the plants! That’s not always the case, instead you can arrange them as a gauntlet for the pilgrims to test their stop-wait-run capabilities along the pathway! Quite fun, especially if you’re not the one that get soaking wet!

Doing long story short, by drinking tons of water and finding and stopping at every open Cafe, we made our 33 km quite fine! And now we are happily safe at Golega. A city well known for their horses. We haven’t seen anyone yet, but there is a fine statue of one in the beginning of the city!

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