Count Down – T-10

10 Days before Take off! I’m starting to be a bit nervous – is everything under control?

Preparation is one thing, planning is another one. The distance is known, but how long time will it take? You are not driving a car – you are walking! And sometimes in sunshine, sometimes perhaps in rain. So with my walking friend “Runkeeper” i started to measure time. Walking alone in the early mornings, i’ll do about 5 KM an hour, but that’s just for about 2 or 2,5 hours. When walking a bit longer then it’s suddenly about 4 KM! And then with some breaks you are doing perhaps 3 KM or 2 KM an hour…

Doing things without a plan is perhaps not my thing – and one part of the fun is the planning! So early february I bought the Michelin Travelling Guide, then used do book the Hotel. Of course i messed things up in the beginning like dates and some places – but finally i think i got it quite fine … I hope! This morning I finalized a nice visual Route Table Plan and calculated the distance. Red alert, and panic mode; i’m going to walk a bit over 40 KM in just one day – how did I plan that? However running around in panic circles, reading the Travelling Guide I realised that I mixed up “San Miguel del Camino” with “San Martin del Camino” – and suddenly the plan was a bit more realistic. I have to be careful reading names, there looks to be a lot of  “del Camino” and “del Real Camino” however it’s the full name that matters!

So if you would like to know my plan, just click on the Michelin book below. It’s spiced up with sticker slogans from an AIIM collegue; “Plan Once Succeed Twice” – that’s a very good one!

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