Day 29 – Rabanal del Camino – Moving upwards

Walking flat in the Meseta the landscape is now changing. Instead of fields with crops the wood is coming back and it’s starting to be a bit hilly.

There is also much more pilgrims out walking. We are so used to closed coffee bars in the morning and if there is one open we are almost the only ones there. Now’s the opposite, they are open but filled with people. This morning it took 35 minutes just to order and get a coffee and a bocadillo! It was people all over the place!

There is also a lot more places to stay – and shops are even open on Sundays! In Pamplona, Logroño and Burgos it was really hard to buy fruits and water on a Sunday. Here in the pre-mountain area it’s not a big issue to get this even though it’s Sunday!

In addition to our weakness for a cold KAS Naranja we may have got a new one – chocolate!

Astorga has a chocolate factory and the city is full of shops selling different kinds of chocolate. But you need to eat it fast before it melts! Walking for such a long time without candy we got hooked up only after just a few chocolate bars. So today we bought some chocolate made in León when stopping for a break. Lets see how this turns out – perhaps our weight curve as the elevation profile will turn upwards too!

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