Things that I will miss while walking – T-4

Most of the advertisement is actually read after you have bought a thing and it’s purpose is to convince the buyer that he/she has done a good decision”.

My memory is like a nonstick Teflon plan. Whatever goes in, goes perhaps even faster out. However even though forgotten, I can often remember from where or what book I forgot it?!? Therefore, I avoid getting rid of books.  So when browsing through twitter I suddenly started to think about Karl-Erik Wäneryd wrote in his book 1983 about marketing – and then it’s just to start remembering, what color the book should have, how old it could be and then after some searching I find it. And then it’s just to brush up the memory browsing the book.

So, according to the theory I will avoid reading bad things about the Camino.  And yes – I haven’t read any bad things about the Camino! Is it because there are not bad things to read about or that I filter it out? Well, not everything can be found in books – sometimes you need GOOGLE. Googling on “10 bad things Camino” I found this article; “10 Reasons Why El Camino Santiago Sucks” and even though it’s written a bit blunt I found this a bit amusing;

Well, that’s always a lesson learned!


Show my your bookshelf and I will tell your where you spend your money 😉  …. As you can see i’m quite fond of the “Dummies”-books, when thinking of how to solve practical issues they have often a very straightforward approach. There is actually one “Dummies” about the Camino;  “El camino de Santiago para Dummies” but in Spannish! I absolutely feel like a dummy in this area – so an english version should have been fine…


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