Day 27 – Casco – A Camino Day

Saturday 20 of July. This part of the Camino Portugués is, according to books, the most uphill part. And it’s very true. Therefore an early start in the morning is a must to avoid most of the heat. The challenge is that no coffee shops are open!

The only ones awake are the dogs and cats. But this morning we caught some cats having a good sleep; a big yawn!

So after about 7-8 km (around 2 hours), our mountain climbing started. It’s hard to describe and hard to illustrate with a photo but it was quite a steep walking.

This day we where very lucky finding a fine mobile bar in the mountains. Clean and good food! So lucky!

Then quite soon after the climb up we climbed down and found our place to stay. And this place had a very nice balcony

Quite a rural area, isn’t it? But the landlady was very, very helpful and drove us back and forth to a local supermarket so we got something to drink and eat for lunch. Perhaps the word supermarket is a bit ambitious, but at least it had the essential things. And it was the same procedure for dinner. We are quite “early eaters” so in the beginning we where quite alone!

Then in the evening having a last glass enjoying the view from our room!

Summarising the day, we are very grateful to our landlady and her helping us getting back and forth to the Village. Without her it would have been quite horrible. Again the Camino has showed how important it is to think outside your own bubble and how much just a little help could affect life!

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