Day 15 – Sernadelo – Things to find!

Monday the 8th of July, back to the Camino weekly walking routines! And we love it! Staying is fine – walking is better! And today’s walking was very straight forward and flat!

Ok, enough with pep-talk, but walking the roads, streets and trails is like walking along the beach – you never no what you may find! And guess what we found today?

8 or 9 Kilometres before Mealhada and our place in Sernadelo they started to show up. In the ditches here and there we spotted them. Ok, we know that we are entering a wine district – but this is a bit too much! In some areas 1960 labels where the most common, a kilometre later we had moved into 1990! Why? Who? Question you can spend time thinking about walking the Camino!

Arriving at the staying for the night – we was given the opportunity by a kind receptionist to see the speciality of Mealhada – piglet!

It’s famous all over Portugal and there are many, many piglet restaurants in the area each with their unique recipes. And while walking we had seen quite a few of them! But we haven’t smelled any pig farms, where are they? Perhaps we will find out tomorrow walking miles along pig farms will absolutely add a nice touch to our current Camino fragrance!

So what lessons did we learned today? Well, perhaps that “Labels” are just “Labels”, they are not permanent and could be thrown away as well as found and picked up! So what labels put on you would you like to be thrown away? I’m afraid that I have put a lot of labels on myself and I therefore act according to the labels, but I’m not sure if that’s of any help! Hmm, have to seriously consider to throw away at least one of them during the Camino!

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