Day 13 – Belorado – what’s the drill?

Walking for sometime we are developing some kind of routine to manage the day. And here it is;

1. Wake up call at 3.45 or 4.00

2. Then trying to wake up; shower, re-packning, breakfast and general messing around and wasting time until 4.45.

3. Hitting the road or at least trying to do it in the dark, sometimes it’s easy to find the way – sometimes (like today) it was a bit tricky. Without the Camino app we had been completely lost.

4. Walking, walking, walking and getting hungry and then walk to find an open coffee place (and you know that could be an important matter). And so we do until 10.30 …

5. Time for the hard last hours – now the sun is getting stronger, the feet are tired and your only focus is to reach target.

6. Reached the target around 12 or 13, often in total exhaustion – just thinking of a cold shower.

7. 13.00 to 16.00 – enjoying the Spanish siesta. I’m getting quite good at this, especially compared to the walking!

8. Then “after-life”, looking at the place, buying breakfast, having a nice pilgrim dinner, some wine ….

9. Bed time (latest 22.00) … dreaming of pain-free feet or doing the Camino by car;-)

And then it starts all over again – but with a little more pain in my feet.

Doing about 30% of the Camino we now have the whole map on one page – however it needs to be a big page!

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