Day 5 – Azambuja – Walking together!

Third day of walking, the familiar feeling from last years Camino of hurting feet and knees are back. Today’s walk was more or less walking on roads with heavy traffic. What is a bull fight compared to eight heavy lorries running towards you in about 100 km/h on a road without pavement? Olé’- you quickly learn how to jump in the bushes!!

The trick is of course to get up early in the morning and so we did today. And as the last three days, without a Camino walker in sight!

Then suddenly at a crossroad we spotted one! Pilgrims are of course not stamped with Camino all over them, but when seeing one you know it. And we where right! How very welcome and I think it was mutual. And so we meet Susana from Murcia in Spain. She spoke a bit French, good Portugués and of course Spanish. My French is more or less a forgotten language and you know since yesterday about my weakness in Portugués, si? However its not a problem when you haven’t seen any pilgrim for days! So this time we all talked for hours understanding about half of what was the topic of the conversation and that was not a problem! But we also walked together, silent after each other meditating about our feet, the heat and direction. Just being together created a nice feeling that strengthened us and it was not that bad walking the hard roads any more.

And as often walking the Camino our ways departed, she went away to Santarem and we stopped at Azambuja. Perhaps we meet again on our common way to Santiago or not, we just have to be patience, continue walking and see!

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