Day 20 – Carrión de los Condes – The difference between roads

It’s nothing you think about at first but it suddenly struck me, during the Camino there has been a lot of roads to walk. And it’s not just the distance or the environment around, I’m thinking about the road itself! Isn’t it super interesting? Eh… perhaps is this one of these kinds of “Camino things”, things that you never should consider at home but now walking, you have plenty of time to think about it.

So what’s it all about? Well, a road can be very different, some are hard, some covered with stones, some are muddy, some are very narrow and some quite wide. And then there are roads of asphalt – they are so ugly and hard to walk, but in the same time quite fast. Walking the Camino you should have a pair of boots for every kind of road or being able to change the road. But you can’t! So what can you do then? Not much!

It’s perhaps a lesson learned that many have done a long time ago – but if you can’t change the path (road) or the tools/methods (shoes) is there any idea to be upset about it or isn’t it just to walk the walk? Or is that to simple solution, just to give in? Whatever happening to you, you accept it – is that a successful strategy? But again, you can’t change the road or the shoes?

I don’t have any answers – yet! But it’s lot of opportunities along the Camino to think about these kind of things. At least in the beginning of your walk, then after three, four hours of walking you just want to finish it and get some food and Sangrias!

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