Day 29 – Tui – Another Day Off

Monday 22 of July and we have had a day off. What’s the best you can do then? Go shopping in a clean, cool supermarket without smelling too much Camino. So nice! Of course you can’t buy anything unless you can eat it otherwise you have to carry it with you … and every gram is a pain to avoid!

And we drank the wine we bought for 1.1€. Now I fully understand the meaning with the expression; you get what you pay for! In our case we got both wine and vinegar, mostly vinegar I may say!

Visiting the Cathedral here in Tui we learned what will happen to us sinners, drinking wine and not walking! It seems to be almost as hot as the place where we are sleeping!

Lessons learned today? Well, caught my wife in deep praying – smart move as long as no one sits in front of you. Well that’s as much as I learned today even my brain and mind seem to have a day off (or two).

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