Day 37 – Palas de Rei – let’s get this over with!?!?

Walking for more than ten(?) consecutive days we are not so thrilled any more about the walk of the day, to put it mildly. One could expect that pain should be gone long time ago, but the good things of being 55+ is that things tends to last longer 😉

Enough complaining! During today’s walking I got a bit interested in the properties people try to sell. It’s a lot of objects with potential, perhaps too much potential! Or is it that someone just hope that a dumb ass swede will fall in love with it and buy something that has been on their get-rid-off-list the last twenty years? The one at bottom right could be nice as your own “game of thrones” house, or… So perhaps it works!

Other interesting things we see a lot of are cows. Looks like people are having about 8 to 10 of them and from time to time they take them out for a walk together with their dogs. That’s a good, concrete task to do!

How about the answers and great wisdom that should be gotten while walking? Eh – haven’t got or found anything big yet! Perhaps I should just sit still somewhere and wait and the answers will come running towards me!

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