Day 17 – Hornillos del Camino – Supported by App!

The Camino trail is very well marked, it’s just to follow the yellow arrows, shell or another sign like this one, provided by some kind people on their garage

BUT, sometimes it can be a bit tricky and a bit hard to know; is it left or right turn? Add some heavy vegetation or early morning when it’s completely dark – then it can be hard to find the trail. And you get lost. Then it’s so relaxing to have an app helping you out. We got a very good recommendation from one of our daughters friends, Linnea, about an app called Frances. And it has saved us so much argumentation and discussion, when we hesitate it’s just to look at it.

In Burgos we got a bit off the track, making a bad choice – but no worries, thanks to the app we where back on track! So at least once or twice a day we are so very happy about Linnea and here advice about the app.

Getting out from a big city is an interesting experience, you can see the different areas, from the core of the city, then suburbs and finally the country side. The core is often quite crowded with people not yet finished their party and then away from the core you find universities, parks and statues.

Currently we are really on the country side. The town has a church too see and it’s of course closed, then a bar where we had a lunch and then a few small hostels that’s it. And, it’s so nice and fine just being able to relax and wait for the feet to stop hurting!

Not much to see? Well, it’s perhaps depending of the time of the day. In the afternoon when temperature is a bit better, and you got some nice paella and some glasses of wine – you see the beauty of the town;

Look at these amazing tree beams, they seems to have been there for hundreds of years!! They will never fell down, or? My wife was of course a bit sceptical of standing there, but if cars are left below them, then they must be safe?!

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