T-1, Stockholm, Time for Prioritization

Time has passed so quickly, much, much faster than last year, so tomorrow is time for take off!! And know it’s time to do the packing, but also prioritize what to bring with me. All these choices. Some are quite easy – coke or washing powder?

Flux or Fingers?

It’s an easy choice; who want’s to smell like a soap opera when it’s burning hot outside who can resist a cold code an a fine finger – carrying the fridge could be a bit of a challenge, but everything comes with a price. However then there are choices that aren’t that simple. For example; flute or “korkskruv” as we say in Sweden – that’s not an easy one.

So packing for the Camino is like life itself and all the choices that have to be done. Some you do just to live the life as a soap opera but some you should just do because it’s just so enjoyable (and making the fortune of your dentist)!

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