Day 38 – Arzúa – Moving forward

Today’s walk of 29,5 km went quite fine – starting at five in the morning you do the first 10 km quite fast. Then you are so happy that you have done almost “half” of the walking, so the rest is manageable and you are moving forward with the yellow arrows.

As mentioned before I’m after all these days still quite puzzled about the house market. In every town regardless of the size there a so many objects, today’s catch of today …

Who is going to buy them all?

Otherwise life is refreshing calm and structured. We know that business is closed between 14/14.30 and the 18ish, we know to avoid the 10€ pilgrim menus offered by restaurants (since it’s often truly and unbelievable bad food). So if we just had to walk a mile every day, I could easily continue this life!

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