Day 12 – Santo Domingo de la Calzada – Shit happens!

Only 22 km to next place – a piece of cake! So we took a long sleep and woke up about 4.15 in the morning. We took our time, and then leaving the hotel we was almost caught up in the pilgrim traffic! We managed to hit the rush hour for pilgrims and it was such a nice experience! In small groups, paired or alone we all were heading towards the same direction. Like a snake, a body of strangers but still pilgrims, slowly we moved on.

After walking some hours it started to smell differently, then “not nice” and getting closer it smelled quite awful!! It was fertilising time, so yes there was a whole lot of shit going on! Suddenly our walking speed increased a lot!!

Otherwise we have seen a lot of roads in different conditions. The challenge is that it feels like walking on glass – my feet are not happy with what I’m doing and they send quite a clear message about it.

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