Day 22 – Sahagún – The signs along the Camino

Walking the Camino you see a lot of different signs, so let take a closer look at them here.

First we have the informative and welcomed Camino sign, just follow the arrow and you are safe.

The we have the signs with a double message. Looking below, at the right side of this picture, you may think that right is the right way. But looking at the left side you find the painted yellow arrow, so it should be left – but it also happens that people would like to help you to their hostel painting such an arrow so you can’t be 100% sure.

Then there are a very, very, very few signs that express some kind of wish to get rid off the pilgrim. But as you can see it’s just to put up a new sign!

Then we have my favourite sign. The sign that tells the fast moving car drivers to watch up for idiots, “pilgrims are crossing the road”-sign! It’s a bit like the duck signs, unpredictable creatures like a pilgrim crossing roads is a walking danger!

Well, walking the Camino you have more than plenty of time to look and study signs. However as mentioned before walking in the dark and also Mother Nature can make it a bit tricky to find them. And so you get lost – it’s not a big deal, it’s just tag you may feel a bit stupid walking and wasting energy without getting closer to your beloved Compostela, the City where you foot-pain will end!

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