Pimp the Page! – T-7

We have stopped walking (to have fresh legs when doing the heavy walking), which means that there is some time for doing something else, like working on this page! And I must admit – I like it! Working with IT for over thirty years every day is about endless problems, errors, issues and managing unhappy and disappointed users, managers or whoever I may get in touch with. Therefore, it’s quite nice to be able to just “play-around” with a system, finding new features and functions and hopefully create something that is somewhat useful. As always with IT-systems there are things, that are not working as supposed, but I don’t have to care about it! If there is a plug-in that don’t work just wipe it and try another one.

Found a nice weather plug-in and realized how useful it could be to know more about weather along the Camino. But what has happened? Sweden use to be a cold, rainy spot with sunshine just one or two days during the whole summer.  But now it looks to be the opposite. 8 degrees in Compostela and 18 in Stockholm. Walking the last weekends in about 25 degrees I should be happy with temperatures around 15 – but 8 degrees and rain. That could be hard. I’m happy that I bought a good classic Swedish raincoat, Tretorn – it’s so Swedish, it even the flag printed in several places and of course manufactured in China like everything else nowadays!


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