Day 11 – Nájera – A Room with a view!

Today’s walk about 30 km was a bit easier then expected but the “after-life” is so much harder. I have been lying in my bed for about two hours and there is no bone in my legs that doesn’t hurt! What happened? Did a truck run me over? Don’t know, but it hurts like h…. and it doesn’t stop either!

A very nice surprise is our hotel and the room – super modern and with an excellent view. From my bed I have a close look at a Stork nest – a proud family with a teenager (?) baby stork. There is a lot of standing going on there, but also fixing the feathers and so. So, I should be happy that I’m not having long stork legs. But I should decide when to stand up next time, some day next week sounds like a good idea! Meanwhile I will look at The storks, looks like there is a flying lesson going around right now….

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