Day 30 – Molinaseca – Cruz de Ferro

As usual we are on our way before the sun, the birds and the rooster. And we are completely alone – no one starts walking at five in the morning (besides us). Going in the light of our lamp we try to be as observant as possible. Therefore we often spots all these graves along the Camino – hopefully(?) they all died of other reasons than accidents walking in the dark.

Today was also a cold, windy day. Normally the early mornings are refreshing and energetic, today was no exception just much more. Standing outside in an ice cold shower describe it quite well I think.

Walking, cold and hungry in heavy fog and semi darkness we reached Foncebadon. And what should I say? If you have seen movies like “Mad Max” or other movies showing the life after civilisation has collapsed you know what kind of places we are talking about. So reaching this town we saw a door, could it be some kind of coffee bar? We pushed an old, heavy wooden door …

.. having some issues opening the door we more or less felt inside. AND it was full of young pilgrims around 25(?) eating breakfast at three or four very long tables. A true Albergue breakfast and full of activity, eating and talking! So we got a very fine cup of coffee and toast for a very descent price. Next time when we are 20 or 25 again, we will absolutely go there and join in!

Then walking an hour or two it was time to “plant the stone”. The stone I picked months ago at home. A stone that I have carried with me all along the Camino without loosing it!! Now was the time to leave it to live it’s own life among the other stones.

And it will not be alone – so many stones are gathered here ! Biggest of them all was a stone from South Tyrol, WHO carry such a stone?

Then we walked for another four hours and since we are having a pic collage orgy here; these are all the trails, roads or whatever path we walked. All of them killing your feet, knees and legs. But I must say that the look good as pictures, or?

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