Day 23 – Reliegos – Doing the Meseta !

As usually up early and out in the night to go and today we have to do a bit over 30 km – that’s the punishment for only doing just 16 km yesterday. But it’s a bit tricky cutting everything into fine 20 km pieces.

So the first 20 km is going fine, then the sun sets in and you start to look around – everything is flat and there is no shadow anywhere.

There is nothing to do but walking and walking you must! Sometimes there are a few threes with minimal shadow, but if you look at the picture below; no road signs! It could be mentally encouraging to see that you only have 10, 8, 6 km to your destination. Of course you can see it on your phone – but it’s not the same.

If you find some more trees, a green spot it, there will absolutely be some tombstone telling about dead people. Did they die there on that spot? If you have some energy left you may consider to think about it, otherwise you just accept it.

Walking there, “Satan” will start tempting you – there are Taxi offerings here and there … just pick up the phone … it’s so easy…. a few click …

There could even be a bit shadow offered with taxi information all over the construction. Just saying; Give up my friend and take a nice cool cab to the next KAS Naranja BAR with jello!!!!!

Well if you manage to resist all these temptations, then finally you will reach your destination around 14.30 (starting around 4.30), just to find that everything than the hostel is closed!

And on top of that you feet feels like someone has cut them into pieces and your knees are double their normal size and hurts like h….!

That’s my friends is walking the Spanish meseta in the summer!

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