Day 30 – Porriño – Bonnie Tyler

Tuesday the 23 of June, another fine walk to Porriño! The last 100 km is the most popular part of the Camino and I can understand why – flat walking and many parts in the shadow.

Arriving at the city we spotted following poster;

Don’t want to be rude or “aggressive”, however if people in restaurants don’t understand words like “ice tea” or fries (“French fries”) my conclusion is that knowledge in English is very limited. So how the heck will people understand a word of what Bonnie will sing about? Or will she be dubbed? The first single I bought was a Bonnie single so I like her, but people here must absolutely adore her even though I doubt if they will understand a single word!

Porriño seems to be quite a fine city with a traditional siesta! So we had to wait as everyone else until the evening before we could have a look at shops etc.

And the shops are quite interesting, looks like the Porriño version of “Victoria Secret” also combine it with selling of religious candles and other items. Interesting combination, sin and forgiveness in one place – quite convenient I may say! What about dentist & candy store?

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