T-160, Where do dreams begin?

After many years of waiting, dreaming we have finally taken on step closer to our third Camino – Camino Norte. And it is not without anxiety!

After we walked our second camino, the choice felt natural, it is clear that we will walk another one. But when Corona came and everything stopped. The Camino that was so alive, present and physical existed in our thoughts, dreams and memories. But like all memories, they fade. Memories almost become fairy tales. Then came the doubts. We are getting old, is it even possible to go that long? But still there was the longing…The walk, the people, the cities, the roads, the nature, the smells, the tastes, the feelings…

But, we can’t help it. The Camino calls. The cows, the sheep, the birds, the wind, the sun, the rain, the clouds. To experience them once more would be wonderful.

So now in a snowy Sweden, a candle has been lit. It is clear that we will try! So now we have started planning the trip, booked the flight down and started thinking about our old hiking shoes. Do they last another trip, or is it better to buy new ones; now that we know a little more about what you might need.

But what do we do with our little ones? Summer is the time when they love to run around the house… We have to find a solution – best not to say anything to them for now.

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