Day 18 – Oliveira de Azemeis – Scarecrows

Thursday the 11th of July. Despite getting up early we faced another very hot day and a hard uphill walk to the city. I think it’s so similar to climb a mountain, you have to go meter by meter. You can feel your hart pounding, the sweet pouring down your face and body! What’s wrong with building cities in the valley? I’m not lying when saying that doing a small mistake and you are lost!

Well, after tons of water, soda and some sleep it’s time to look at the city. And Oliviera is a fine city with a speciality;

In sunlight it’s nice and fine, but what about the dark evenings and nights? Could be a bit scary, especially since they are all over the city! Absolutely material for a good horror story.

What’s the history behind these? Well my impression is that these parts of Portugal isn’t so tourist or communication/market oriented so it is hard to find out for a stranger in the city.

My passion for large abandoned houses is also fulfilled – looks fine on picture but in reality it looks like a place where you could find Count Dracula if you just dare to look!

One of the most memorable moments of today was the haircut at this very classical place run by two men in my age. Without any verbally understanding, I got one of the best and thorough haircuts in my life! The hairdresser (barber) did such a good job fixing hair, eyebrows, ears and nose!! Of course he could have got away with whatever rotten job, how should I be able to complain? But not! A true pro! And again no special advertising or commercial promotion or fancy place – just a good honest place to get a good haircut! Simple and straightforward! Sometimes that’s how life should be and sometimes, (so life doesn’t get too boring) a bit more challenging like walking straight uphill in 35 degrees for a couple of kilometres!

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