Day 3 – Pirescoxe – We are on the move…

We couldn’t prolong it any more, so early this morning we took off. Walking through a city waking up is so nice, especially if you don’t need to go to work and instead could enjoy the city silence!

Walking out from Lisbon is of course walking out from new as well as old industrial building areas. But I like it, you can almost smell the sardines from the old factories … Then, suddenly some new fine concrete buildings a-raise and reach the Skye;

But then again there are some very old ones too

This is the castle of Pirescoxe – don’t know what kind of Castle it is, but it’s very free to enter and that’s always nice!

So what’s the achievement of today? According to my Fitbit watch, it was a quick and easy walk. I don’t fully agree, but walking without full impact from the sun made it a bit smoother…. wonder where the Stairs came from (31)? Must have been sleeping during that part. 223 active minutes – quite unfair, feels like I have been walking at least for eight hours or so. Perhaps Fitbit recons my coffee breaks?? And I must admit, they have been a few of them during the day…

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