What kind of Experience will it be? – T-5

Tick, Tack, Tick, Tack … the clock is ticking fast and i’m trying to figure out what I have missed. The insurances are checked, haven’t selected the stone to bring yet (but will). This adventure is really a project! And talking about projects – I see that our project could end in two ways.


When Cristóbal Colón (also known as Christopher Columbus) found America for his first time. Visiting Huelva in Spain last year, there as an outdoor museum about Christóbal and I learned how well he planned that trip. Checking up with people that had been close the edge of the world etc – and even though it was not India they didn’t fell off the earth.

  Then we have Salomon August Andrée, the guy that strongly believed that he could flew over the Artic with a poorly build and design balloon. Unrealistic expectations combined with lack of planning and good equipment ended his project and after walking around for many weeks in the cold, trying to get back, he died.  (Since I was not born at that time either able to travel in time, I have done my own reconstruction of Mr Andrée flying his balloon).

So , will we end up as Mr Colón, successfully reaching our target just to discover that we have walked to Madrid instead of Compostela or getting lost somewhere in the Rioja district, dying of too much sun and fine red wine when trying to get back Saint Jean? Well, the future will tell…

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