Day 28 – Astorga – Go with a smile

Getting up at four in the morning, then walking trough high, wet gras and cobwebs doesn’t make you utterly happy. But hearing the birds, seeing the sun rise makes you absolutely much happier.

In our after-life (after doing the walking), we try to visit a museum, a monastery or so. Here in Astorga there are plenty of them. And Astorga as such is a very sweet and happy town, reminds me a bit of southern Germany and the romantic cities along Mosel or Rein.

However I have recently tried to study the faces of statues or in paintings. Of course I don’t want to be rude, blasphemous(?) or negative – but I can’t see any happy people!

Yes – In some situations you can’t and shouldn’t absolutely not put up a smile!! But if you going to be represented by a statue for the rest of your life – can’t you at least look a bit happy, it’s not everyday you are recreated in stone or? And for hours and hours looking at all the gloomy people doesn’t make you happier either.

So why is it like this? Is it so that people looking happy are seen as dumber, more stupid or complete morons? I don’t now, I’m just about curious why all people need to look so gloomy.

Then I have found my favourite picture here in Astorga. Again, please no offence, but I would like to call this picture; “Another day at work”. And the question is if course, who are you in this picture…

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