Day 28 – Tui – Entering Spain

It’s Sunday the 21th of July and we have finally reached Spain!! How do we now that; shops are closed on Sundays, prices are higher and Restaurants opens first at midnight 😉 Well it’s not that bad but Spain is different and it’s of course the land of KAS and full of fine jamon – I like!!! So we are happy! And for Portugués people; Lots of Candy!

There is a quite small ordinary grocery shop open on Sundays – and there were millions of people from Portugal there buying Candy in huge sacks. At least 20 big busses where parked outside and everyone bought tons of candy! Very fun and interesting! For an old swede it really felt like when the Tax-free shops on the Finish-Ferris opened. You could see and feel the joy in the eyes of the Portugués; Candy, Super Saving, Candy, Buy, Buy! As swede I skipped the Candy and bought a good bottle of wine for only 1.1€, well the “goodiest” was perhaps the price!

The walking to Tui was fine, straightforward, not much uphill, many fine places to stop for water and coffee…and very good info about the distance. Not to mention cows, the one above was escorting us a god bit along the Camino!

We haven’t seen so much if Tui. Hope we will discover more, cause we are staying a day extra here!

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