Day 12 – Alvorge – Camino walking

It’s Friday the 5th of July today and we have been walking 31 km between Pussos and Alvorge. My estimation about 25,5 km was a bit optimistic but shows how hard it is to estimate the Camino Portugues, there are so many alternatives all the time.

So, what to say about the walk of today and especially if should be a bit serious (if possible)? Well, it’s been quite a good example of the different kinds of walking.

In the morning we had open countryside walking a bit up and a bit down. Doing this kind of walk in the morning you can be quite fast, in our case about 5 km/hour. But then comes the wood-walking and the sun starts to burn already at 9:00

This is an example of steep down walking, putting your toes outside you shoe trying not to fell down, and then immediately a steep upgrade walking. When walking upwards you curse whatever you have put in your rug sack. If it was a bit heavy before it’s now super heavy! And there are quite a few of them in this distance.

Here is this nice flat but high-grass walking. After some kilometres of this and you have tons of interesting things in your shoes. I’m wearing boots – but that doesn’t help!

What you see below is what we believe is some kind of old roman roads or at least quite a “stonish” walking. Watch your walking sticks, they get easily stuck and if pushed too much they surely break.

And then finally we have the road walking

The idea is that you walk on the road and that the drivers make some space for you! And they mostly do and if not, then you have to jump or your Camino walk will continue to paradise!

That – that’s about it! There are some combos but adding maximum sun to a walk makes it a bit special! We don’t walk so much slower per km but the breaks are longer and more frequent when you are grilled and that takes time!

Another thing is of course what you think about during the different walking and you absolutely think differently depending on what kind of walk it is!

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