Day 7 – Santarém – Titanic on Land

Finally a day of resting. Of course walking is nice but resting a day is also very, very nice. Santarém seems to be one of these lovely Camino cities with a rich soul and beautiful charisma. As all of them, the city is very peaceful, almost at sleep during the day.

There are many beautiful buildings and flowers.

But there are also some few places where you can se that something has gone a bit wrong.

What happened here? What iceberg did this beautiful building run into? What happened with this factory, why did they stop?

All of us are masterpieces of life, a Titanic on land! But sometimes we hit an iceberg and things go wrong! The challenge is not to avoid the events, because you can’t and if you were able to do that, it wouldn’t be an iceberg! The challenge is to cope with them, how hard it may seem to be!

Wouldn’t it be a dream come through if buildings like below could be restored to its former glory? Image putting up Puccini’s Madame Butterfly here or Macbeth? Well it’s just a dream, however walking the Camino is absolutely a dream come through and I’m very grateful that I have been able to do it once and hopefully we will do it once more!

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