Day 6 – Santarém – I plead guilty to hubris!

Well, after some days walking we thought we know the drill. Up early morning and in our case about four, going out about 4.45. Of course the last guest at hour hostel just arrived at 3.00 so they put out their heads and wonder if he party is still going on when we are leaving.

Then it’s just to walk as fast as possible to put it mildly. Trying to have some few stop and then, before sun has reached its full capacity, try to be safe at some hostel.

That was also the plan for today! And it went smoothly the first 15 km. We also had the luck to meet a old Portugues that offer some fruit from his garden. Life is good and walking is fun all according to plan!

Then shit hits the fan. Sun peaks, roads are endless and there is no way of sitting down or stopping for some water. Hour after hour and you soo run out of water! At Camino Frances you could assume that there was at least some one trying to earn an couple of extra Euro by selling water or soda. Here it’s none – because there are no pilgrims!!!! So it turned out a bit bad and no plan B either!

Well in the end everything turned out well, but we learned a lesson; do not assume to much. Just because we are idiots going out with to little water doesn’t mean than they will be someone there waiting to do a profit selling it tremendously expensive!

So know we are back and in a very nice room with a wonderful view, thinking about next walking day and where we could assume water or not. This time we are not going to over estimate or walking speed and capacity! But until then, we just enjoy our rom with a view;

(So how far did we get today; about 35 km, 22.000 steps and lost about 2.799 calories – how many litres of water we lost I don’t know, but I have the last hours drunk over 2,5 litres, not to mention the white Portugués white wine I zipped looking out from the room!)

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