Day 9 – Logroño – walking in the dark

Between 12.00 and 19.00 everything is about the heat (again), most cities are completely dead – no sounds, no people, nothing open it’s quite scary; “are we the only one left at the planet?”. I don’t know – but what I know is that our team is very, very slow. So we are perhaps the only one out in the heat.

To be able to make 30 km we need to get out very, very, very early. In the darkness we go, and in away it’s quite nice. You don’t see the endless road in front of you, just a few meters at the time. Then the birds starts to sing, then you see other walkers catching up on you, then the sunrise and finally the shit hits the fan and you are walking in 40 degrees!!

Today we finally reached Logrono – what a fine and big city. Staying at the city Center there are so many nice restaurants, cafes and bars. Now at 18.00 everything is closed – but wait until the evening as soon the sun is away all people will be out! Tomorrow is resting day so we hope to stay out a bit later to see a bit of the Spanish night life!

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  1. Tuomo says:

    Hi Sten! Good to know that everything is ok that nice walking is progressing. I can imagine the heat, hope you get somewhat used to it. If not maybe more resting. Nice steps forward!! And remeber enjoy!! 🙂

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