Day 26 – León – An extra day of relaxation

León is the last big city before reaching Santiago and therefore we have an extra day off, taking a deep breath and then walk all the way. Let’s see how that turns out!

In our preparations a stop at Burger King is a must. We haven’t seen a burger place since we left Sweden. And I understand why. The place where fully ok, no problem, but no wine, no pilgrim menu and a bit expensive. Wonder why no one have put up a Spanish burger chain, “Burger Bull”, with tortilla, and some chilli pepper!

To take a last look at León without working our legs off (?), we took the city train and had a look at a lot of nice places. It’s a beautiful city!

Otherwise we are working hard with the siesta and doing nothing while we have the opportunity. Tomorrow we hit the road again and then again and again until our muscles feels like iron like this family! Right now they are more like a rubber band that’s snapped….

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