T -9, Stockholm -Stand the heat

Time is passing very quickly and soon we are reaching panic mode; are we enough prepared, have we walked enough? Last question is easily answered; Absolutely Not! I’m still having babyfeet and I can feel all my toes! Lack at least 300 km of training to harden my feet … panic….

The secret weapon for this year is my new hat! Took at least 30 pictures to get one were I don’t look like a complete idiot with it. Or did I fail in this one too?? However, it’s quite nice giving a lot of shadow, so I hope it could compensate for a bit of my laziness this year. I’m not sure in what way. Trusting that my new hat will help me stand the heat is perhaps as smart as hoping to improve the organisation buying a new IT-system after completely failing to use and implement the old one …. Let’s see in a couple of weeks I will know how clever I have been 😉

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