Day 25 – Balugães – Living in a house

Thursday the 18th, a short walk, slightly uphill but otherwise quite easy.

We have learned the lesson, getting up early, a short walk and you don’t end up completely dead in the afternoon! Walking the Camino Central again we were afraid of being alone again – but that’s absolutely not an issue. There are several pilgrims out walking.

Booking places to stay in advance is a gamble. Sometimes your are lucky, sometimes not. Today we have been lucky. A nice ally;

And a house of our own.

With a grand kitchen

It feels like a summer holiday day in the countryside, visiting some distant relatives! A couple of days in Porto our doorstep was more or less the street and here it’s a great distance to the road! What a difference! And this is the Camino at its best, sometimes water & food – sometimes not! Whatever happens you should not fight back and be upset – just go with the flow an enjoy life and what is provided for you. It’s absolutely not easy but it’s much better than the opposite!

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