Day 34 – Tríacastela – Getting ready for the 100 km final lap

Liñares could certainly be a wonderful view if it hadn’t been for the fog and complete darkness, but the sign looks very promising. So, here is the astounding view of San Roque.

… instead of enjoying the view we walked up the mountain, then down and up again. There must be some one out there, wanting the pilgrims to be very extra fit when they reach the end destination and therefore avoid any straight roads. As complement to the fog it started to rain, so for the first time it was poncho time. And pilgrims get the special Quasimodo look making them easy to differ from the normal people.

Tomorrow, we reach (hopefully) Sarria, it is the entry point for many pilgrims doing the short version of the Camino. And the number is increasing and the skill decreasing. Meet a guy bicycling and in these slippery, steep downhill parts you need to be an experienced cyclist – he was not! I could even feel the pain by myself as he was sliding off his bike in different hurtful ways. Ouch!

Galicia is a new and different experience for us. I’m getting the feeling that Asterix or Obelix could be coming out running after some Roman officer … just any minute!

And yes, I like the milestones. Now we know exactly how many meters left – that’s very motivating!

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