What stone to pick? – T-9

The Clock is ticking and i’m trying to prepare as much as possible – one part of it is selecting a stone to bring!

I have realized that there are actually quite a few traditions around stones when you are walking the Camino. One of them is to pick up a stone at Montes de Léon (the biggest you can carry) and then drop it at Foncebandon. Another one is about the Iron Cross – here you should drop a stone taken from home. Sounds stupid? At first it may! But when reading about it, i realize that these are the things that perhaps makes the Camino a bit different compared to just a 800 KM long race. Carrying stones isn’t that something we do all the time, of course they are normally not visible and some of us poor bastards carry big ones and some others a bit smaller ones. At least i’m convinced about it – so it’s time to pick one from home! (Or should I order it on the web from Alibaba? Pre-dropped!)

To Combine the traditions and bringing the biggest stone from home is perhaps not a good idea – so I leave this stone alone!


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